Monday, April 8, 2013

You are already breaking my heart, Aldi!

I would imagine by now that some of my followers know how obsessed I have become with my soon-to-open Aldi.

I have been driving by the store just looking at if for months. (I drove by it yesterday!) I have been on its Facebook page almost every day. Heck, I have been bloggin about it more than anyone wants to read. LOL!

As soon as I heard that MY Aldi would be opening this Thursday, April 11, I schedule off work for that day and Friday. Thursday....just because Aldi was opening. Friday to make it a long weekend.

Then, this weekend.....heartbreak!

My Aldi's grand opening is on April 10....yes, April 10! From 11-6.

I am so sad!

What about us potential shoppers that work outside the home, Aldi? Don't you think WE would like to attend your grand opening?

I COULD take off Wednesday, too, but I try to be a good employee and give my boss at least a week's notice when I am taking off. (Unless, of course, in the case of illness.) Plus, I am really busy at work.

So, I would be taking off.

I will be missing the grand opening.

I am heartbroken.

(But I will go shopping there on Thursday! And on a positive note, I did get my invitation that includes a $5 coupon.)


Sonya Ann said...

It's ok, step away from the ledge!
I was going to go on the grand opening and then I saw the lines of people. It was crazy! Honestly, all you will be missing is a mad house. I'm sure it will be busy the next day but no where near as bad.
Or take off and keep your sanity! You and I really are two peas in a pod!

Frances said...

Okay, SonyaAnn. I am away from the ledge.

I just wanted the free stuff I heard about Aldi giving out at its open house.

And I guess I just expected Aldi to be as excited about me shopping there as I am. LOL!

I guess they are catering to the stay at home moms and dads by opening on a weekday.

mylifeinfocusblog said...

Don't forget to post photos. I'd love to see the action.

PS: you couldn't swap days off? Just a thought.

Frances said...

Hubby already told me he plans to take pics. LOL!

I actually COULD take off Wednesday, too, but I just have piles of work, so don't want to be out 3 days right now.

And I am NOT taking off a Wed and Thursday and then working Friday. Yuck!

McVal said...

Couldn't you run over on your lunch break? How far away is it?
Enjoy your new Aldis!!!

Frances said...

Val, I WISH I could go on my lunch break. Unfortunately, my commute is an hour each way. Most of it on the bus, so it's not so bad. But too long to make it home and back in a reasonable time.

But we will go on Thursday when we can actually shop.

Sonya Ann said...

How was it?

Frances said...

Not good,SonyaAnn. We didn't go in.

Frances said...
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Frances said...
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