Thursday, April 11, 2013

My non-trip to Aldi's grand opening.

I edited my post realizing that my title asking if people had jobs might be offensive to some people. I would not want to do that. Hence my title change to my post of yesterday.

The store opened at 9:00 this morning, but we did not go then as I had a 9:30 appointment with my orthopedic dr. I needed shots in my knees so I could continue to walk. My poor arthritic knees have been so painful lately that I was taking entirely too much OTC medication. And it was not keeping me pain free, only pain diminished. So, got me some shots. WooHoo!

Then I got home and Hubby was piddling around, so I did too. Then it was close to lunch time, so we decided to go eat before heading to Aldi.

We finally got to Aldi a little after 2. OMG! Apparently, EVERYONE took off work to shop today. LOL! Or, a LOT of people don't work during the day. We got stuck in the traffic trying to get in to the parking lot. Then we were stuck with people sitting there waiting for someone to pull out. Cars were parked along the street, in the parking lot across the street and another parking lot a little further down. Cars were pulling around each other and blocking everyone from moving. It was insane!

It took me about 3 minutes to tell Hubby to forget it. We could go first thing in the morning. And if it is still like this, we will wait awhile until the new wears off. I KNEW it would be busy and I KNEW it would be crazy this weekend. That is why I took off today, thinking it would not be totally crazy on a weekday.

I was so wrong.

It may not have been too bad inside the store, but the parking lot was insane.
No Aldi for me today. Maybe tomorrow.

But I am good and nowhere near the cliff, SonyaAnn. I think the anticipation was more exciting than the actual shopping will be. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hi. This is an amazing story. It clearly shows that there is MUCH interest and demand for people to buy good food at affordable prices. Maybe the other supermarkets could learn a thing or two!

Happy shopping. I'm anxious to hear more. Take photos!!!

Frances said...

I think there is a lot of interest in my area in good food at good prices. The stores that continue to raise prices are getting emptier and emptier. And the stores with lower prices are getting more crowded.

I think stores like Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and the like are getting smart by bringing better and better quality foods to their stores. They are more crowded too.

Sonya Ann said...

Well I'm glad you aren't near the edge. We are a funny lot.
Deep breath and wait. I had to wait a week before I could go. And Den and I did a test run first. LOL we went and only bought wine. It was just to see what it looked like and if we needed to leave we could. We were just as excited as you. And the newness doesn't wear off it just grows. I love my ALDI!

McVal said...

I'm glad it's going to be a successful store!!! Too bad you couldn't get in there today and I don't know what your old title was, so I don't know if I'd be offended or not! probably not..

Frances said...

I got in! I will write about it. :-)