Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Quiet Easter Weekend.

Well, it was sort of quiet compared to a lot of people's.

Saturday afternoon I went and got a haicut. Really just a trim. Nothing dramatic this time.

Around 4, we met my MIL, Samantha and her bf, John, and had an early dinner or late lunch, depending on how you look at it. We had some good food, and good company. We were done around 5:30 and Hubby and I ran some errands. Stopped at Big Lots, Dollar General, Kroger and Petco.

We were home around 7 and I was ready for some relaxing. We just took it easy that evening.

On Sunday, by special request, I made this:
That, my friends, is a HUGE lasagna. That is what Hubby requested for Easter dinner. I did not manage to get a pic of it sliced, but it turned out beautiful and delicious. Since it was just the two of us, it provided several meals as we kept some leftovers in the fridge and put some in the freezer.

I also fixed salads and garlic bread. It was scrumptious.

All of our kids and grandkids had other Easter plans, but we enjoyed our empty nest Easter just fine.


slugmama said...

Well next time you make a big pan of THAT, call me over!lol

Glad you have a nice quiet day, ate well and laid around digesting because if I had eaten that, that's about all I would want to do.lolol

We had BIL and Nephew over. And then they invited over Nephew's half-brother and his girlfriend to OUR house. Can you tell I was NOT happy about this? How rude is that?....being a guest and then asking to bring your own guest with you to a planned dinner? And do you think any of the 4 of them could bring something to eat or flowers for the table or anything??

Next year, can I hide out with you and Sweet Knees? I'd even bring some drinks...lol

McVal said...

That looks awesome! We almost did lasagna this year for supper. My son had to work through the regular Easter lunch and thought we were holding the big meal that night. But with Robb's brother and his family here, we did the big meal early. So son, being misinformed, invited some of his friends for the evening meal. Dang! I was just going to do leftovers! Turns out his friends couldn't come, so we did spaghetti instead.
I am looking forward to a quiet holiday someday...
You're lucky!

SonyaAnn said...

Hubs knows good food! That looks just wonderful! How I miss cheese!

Frances said...

Sluggy, how rude of your nephew!! I think I would have chewed him out...maybe in front of HIS guests.

Frances said...

McVal, spaghetti is good, too. I just love pasta!

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, you could not have had any of this. It was loaded with cheese.

Sorry, honey.