Thursday, November 5, 2009

I trying to READ!!

I ride the bus to work....every day. I do this to save money and wear and tear on my car and on my nerves. Today, I did not get to avoid the wear and tear on my nerves. Why? Because of this:

The woman that sat in the empty seat in front of me and was SURE that I wanted to hear here talking on her cell phone all the way to work. For the entire 20 minute trip!!

For all those people who MUST talk on their phones while commuting, please keep in mind that YOU are the only one who cares what you are talking about.

Thank you.

Rant over.


McVal said...

Well THAT was a short rant! My MIL lives with us and will call someone out of the blue on her cell phone during our dinner because (for example) maybe she wanted to tell them that she had seen a blue car today. Lo and behold, they have a blue car too, so she had to call them. She doesn't know how to talk softly and doesn't get the hint that we can't talk each other when we eat and while she's on the phone...
If we take a call during dinner, we will excuse ourselves and leave the room... but everything she says is noteworthy and we must ALL listen to her side of it... and then try to bring us into the conversation.
Oh my... I've ranted...

Frances said...

LOL! I guess it was a short rant. I didn't need to rant for very long to get my point across.

You are way nicer than me. If someone takes or makes a call when they are eating dinner with my, I will let them know I don't care to hear their phone call. At least, I think I would, as none of my family or friends will do this. Even my kids, when they were teens, would not take a cell call when we were at the table.

A.Marie said...

UGH! That would have driven me CRAZY!

Frances said...

It did drive me crazy...obviously. LOL!

I hope I recover soon.