Monday, October 26, 2009

Shopping for magazines?

I just thought I would let my bloggy friends in on my favorite place to order magazine subscriptions.

You can find it here QSP . First, let me say that I do not work for them and am in no way affiliated. I was just shopping to renew my subscription to All You Magazine, found the best price here and thought I would share.

This is the company that does school fundraisers and if you have a kid selling magazines for school, you can sign up here instead of ordering on paper, invite your friends to order from here, etc. I have no kids in school, (except for college) so signed up for my orders to support the high school band that my daughter WAS a member of. You can shop without supporting anyone, I think. But if you don't have kids in school, just designate a neighborhood school. Or not. LOL!

All You Magazine offered me a "special deal" to renew of only $19.97/year. Apparently, everyone is special, as that is the price I found at several sites on-line. LOL! But I just ordered it from QSP for $20....for 2 years. A whole extra year for only 3 cents! A much better deal! (And 40% of the price goes to the band. I wonder if they wonder if I am some weirdo, no kids in band, stalker or something. LOL!)

I have ordered multiple subscriptions, both new and renewals and have never had an issue with the charges or with magazines not coming. (I used to order subscriptions on ebay, until I had one never come and I had to fight for months for my refund.)

So, if anyone needs a subscription, be sure and check here to see if they have a better price for you.

Happy Monday, everyone!


A.Marie said...

You got a great deal on All You! I'm going to click on the QSP link and see what I can find! Thanks for posting this! :)

Frances said...

I have bought several subs there over the years. I always buy the cheapest deal, well except for ebay. I got burned there once, that's enough.

Hubby read Entertainment Weekly and the cheapest I could find it anywhere deal last year for $38/year. They auto renewed this year for $49.95/1 year!! I cancelled and checked QSP where I got TWO years for $35! A much better deal.

They are not always the cheapest, but they are a lot of the time.