Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To shop, or not to shop.

Okay, it is Earth Day, and I, like many others, received the lovely coupon from Walgreens to get 15% off your purchase, 20% for Walgreens items, and a free reusable shopping bag.

Now...I have a list for Walgreens....generally I go on Saturday, but work on the list during the week. It is not a huge list, but that 15% would be a nice savings. And I can always use another bag. And I can pass right by Walgreens on the way home from work.

BUT, I have to work until 5, then go to Curves and workout, then catch the bus home. I usually get home around 6:30 and I will be famished. And hubby isn't here to cook dinner for me.

I am thinking I can pass up this deal, though that may change on the way home. How is that for indecisive?

Happy Earth Day!


Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Happy Earth Day to you, too! Bummer... totally missed out on the deal... worked too late yesterday! But I guess everyday is Earth Day and I have enough reusable bags, so ah!

Did you end up going?

Frances said...

I DID end up going and will post about it later.

You are right about everyday being Earth Day. Everyone should think that way.

I have a lot of reusable bags and just love them, so could have passed on the free bag, but decided not to pass on the savings.

Anonymous said...

YEAH a new post! I'm glad that you got to go. I hope you tell us all about the deals. I'll stop by later.

Frances said...

You are SO funny, SonyaAnn!

You make me feel so interesting. LOL!