Monday, June 15, 2015

You don't have 3 days worth of food?

A friend of mine posted this pic of her local grocery store water aisle.
A tropical storm is in the Gulf of Mexico and headed toward the Texas coast. So everyone has gone crazy! Broadcasters are warning people to be sure and have at least 3 days worth of food and water. Apparently, the stores have been mobbed today.

Shelves emptied of water, batteries and food.

My first thought was that if you don't have enough food in your house to last for 3 days, you have a bigger problem than a tropical storm. Even when I was POOR I had enough food in my house to last 3 days. I had to.....I was poor. LOL!

And another thing a broadcaster warned people was to be sure and go to the ATM today in case you are flooded in tomorrow. If you are flooded in, why would you need cash???? I don't have to pay for anything inside my home. Crazy, I tell ya!

Personally, I am hoping to be flooded in so I can have tomorrow off. Our area does not really flood. When we had the "Memorial Day Flooding" we got rain but no standing water whatsoever. BUT, when it floods in Houston, the buses don't run. I take a park and ride bus every day to work. If the bus doesn't run, I am not going to work. I did last time as my girlfriend drove downtown, but she does not plan to go in tomorrow if it floods in Houston.

We are always prepared at our house. It is hurricane season. We live on the coast. Plus we always have enough food for 3 days. So, we are good.


slugmama said...

Glad you are good and are staying put. The weather in East TX/West LA has been nuts this year!

Sonya Ann said...

That really doesn't make a lot of sense. You would think that most people would think first, no wait............
We have had so much rain around here that Den has talked about building an arc. It is pretty much the running joke. We have standing water in our yard and we live on a hill. We have never had a summer like this before. All it does is rain.

Frances said...

The weather on the Gulf Coast HAS been crazy this year. And it is only the start of hurricane season.

We could build an ark just in case, but I am just too lazy. LOL!