Friday, November 14, 2014

Wine Makes Everything Magical!

I heard that line in a radio commercial and thought, "That is so true!" LOL!

I am not drinking wine right now, so this post will not be magical. Oh, and the fact that it is about our recent money hemorrhaging makes it even less magical. 

Fortunately, we have not been having medical expenses as Hubby met his max-out-of-pocket for the year a couple of months ago. Well, we did have to pay a $1600 bill from last year in the last couple of months, but it was a $2000 that I asked for a discount on and got it! WooHoo! Plus, I had been expecting that bill for about a year. Hey, I should not have to call a provider and ask them to send me a I didn't. It was for Hubby's wound vac from sometime last year. But they are paid off now and we are good.

Then we have had a few miscellaneous expenses, like nicotine patches for Hubby which the dr prescribed, we paid $80 NOT ON SALE and Hubby later decided he is not going to use. I am going to try to return them to CVS, but don't know how that will go.

Then Hubby needed a transfer bench to get in and out of the tub. The medical providers were dicking around with getting it to us, so I just ordered it myself. Around $60 on Amazon. I figured we aren't paying for other medical stuff...we can afford it. Hubby has not used it ONCE. Ugh!

Then Hubby saw someone with a wheelchair with wheels that come off making it easy to load in the car, so I got one, once again off Amazon for $165. I decided to do that instead of dicking around with medical providers and insurance. Now Hubby has used it, but the wheelchair we already had is lighter, so he prefers that one. Ugh!

Are you seeing a pattern here? LOL!

The week before last, my keyfob for my CRV would not lock the doors. I thought it was probably the battery in the fob until Hubby's didn't work either. So I took my car to the shop and told them while it was there, to check it over for anything else it needed. Since we have not done anything but oil changes for 2 - 3 years, it needed a brake job and a few other things. $1092!! But my mechanic gave me a discount, so only $1039. LOL!

THEN!! 2 days ago our computer quit working. I always think it is a few years old, but checked and I bought it in 2008. I have not had to do a thing to it, since I bought a monster with some casino winnings. It is still not obsolete. Unfortunately, it will not turn on. I did check another power cable to see if that was it and it isn't. I could probably start replacing parts until I got the right one replaced, but Hubby and I decided a new one will be a good Christmas present. So I am computer shopping.

See....hemorraghing money! On a good note, we have not had to take any money out of savings for any of this, so I am happy about that.

Have a great weekend everyone!


slugmama said...

Lots of unexpected spending there but you'll be fine.

And yes, wine does make everything does whiskey, beer and hard cider too! lol

Sonya Ann said...

I'm with you & sluggy whiskey, wine and so on makes life better! Just drink more and the hemorrhaging of the money won't matter as much. And hubs is worth every penny. Bless him!

McVal said...

I'm sorry!! I HATE it when we hemorrhage money too... You should really be drinking! I hear it's magical...