Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You can't debone 20 lbs of chicken in 30 minutes.

Last night, Hubby had given me the “night off” so I could de-bone chicken and watch Dancing with the Stars. So, I got home, pulled out the chicken and started to work. I noticed that some of the chicken was PINK. UGH! Despite the fact that I had checked WITH MY MEAT THERMOMETER and it indicated the chicken was done, it was not. So, I deboned 4 or 5 quarters, then put that meat in a baking dish and covered with foil. I put all the rest of the bone-in quarters in baking dishes and covered with foil and put in to the oven to roast for a while.

Then I bagged up my chicken broth. My girlfriend told me she freezes her chicken broth flat in freezer bags that can be stood up in the freezer after freezing. I am sure I have heard that idea before, but had not used it, so that is what I did. We will be able to fit them much better in the freezer that way. I put 2 cups per Ziploc and think I have 8-10 in the freezer. I quit counting as I was just ready to get it done. They are in the kitchen freezer and I will transfer to the big one tonight. Just gotta figure out something to stand them up in.

After the chicken roasted for a while, I took it out of the oven and the bone-in stuff went back in the fridge to de-bone tonight. The stuff I had de-boned, I bagged up and it is in the freezer. This was definitely not a regular weeknight activity! Since I am off tomorrow and can sleep a little later, I will be getting the rest of the chicken processed after getting home from the hospital tonight. I have all night to get it done. J

Hubby and I are both excited that he is coming home tomorrow! It will be so nice to just work and go home every night for a change. I am TIRED.

Happy Tuesday! 


McVal said...

Yay! I'm so glad he gets to come home soon!!

And what a great idea on freezing chicken broth!

Frances said...

Thanks, Val. We are pretty happy, too. He is looking forward to sleeping in his own bed.

My gf is full of frugal and space saving ideas!