Monday, August 4, 2014

I have not been so frugal lately...

And I don't feel a bit guilty. Is that bad?????

We have been spending money like crazy lately. But please don't think I have totally lost my mind. We are only spending money we have. Nothing has come out of savings and the credit card bills get paid off every month, in full, so we are not paying interest on anything.

It just seems like a lot of stuff hit at once. We moved, which always costs some money. We spent money on our movers, but they were SO worth it!!! But then I added to those costs by buying things we "needed" for our new apartment. Did we really need them? Probably not. But I wanted to get some things and we can certainly afford it. After years of thinking we should buy a carpet steam cleaner. (We have cats. I will say no more.) When the first cat hairballed in our new apt, I got on line and ordered a steam cleaner. I am not getting on my hands and knees to clean up stains anymore. I will clean up But I can now steam clean any stains and not have to get down and scrub. I LOVE it!

Of course I bargain shopped and got a good deal on it. I did the same on the new phones I wanted, as well as some new shelves and air purifier and some other things we "needed:.

We have also had quite a few medical bills to pay, but we put them on a credit card and got points. Everything paid except interest. LOL!

While Hubby was in the hospital, I didn't worry about unpacking any more than I needed to live. I didn't cook. I stopped and got take out every day. And did NOT feel guilty. When Hubby got home from the hospital,... and he is doing very well, thanks for asking...I didn't want him to feel like he had to do stuff. He needed to stay off his ankle and let it heal. So, we didn't unpack much and I stopped and got take out every night. I HAD gone to the grocery store before he got home, so we had frozen meals and sandwich stuff for him to eat at home and me to bring to work.

We moved 5 weeks ago and still have a lot of boxes not unpacked. And we aren't worrying about it. Well, we were both worrying about not getting enough done, but I made a deal with Hubby that if he wouldn't worry, then I wouldn't. We have managed to unpack everything we need to. We just have lots of boxes of books and knick knacks still packed. But that is okay.

We went to the grocery store yesterday and spent $172!!! OMG!!! I don't think I have ever spent that in one trip! But we are STOCKED up and Hubby intends to cook at home now. We are both burned out on take out food. LOL! We will be going to the meat market to buy some meat, but other than that, we are really stocked and next weekend, should only be a milk/product/bread run.

I didn't want to push Hubby to cook as I just wanted him to take it easy, but I am SO happy he will be cooking. And we can get back on our frugal bandwagon. Spending all this money does not seem as fun as it used to. LOL!

Back to our regularly scheduled lifestyle!

Oh, and we both love our new place. First floor is so EASY!


Sonya Ann said...

I'm glad that hubs is doing better. I have been thinking about he both of you.
Sometimes, it just spends. We live the way that we do so when the $*** hits the fan, we have the money to pay for it. I really don't think that we can live on nothing, even though there are times when I would like to spend nothing.
I'm glad you are letting a lot go, it seems when you get to that point, everything falls into place faster. I'm not sure why.

slugmama said...

Hope Bobby and you are doing well and he is healing up fast.
I noticed you were online yesterday....ask me how I know.....might be the 20 comments you left on my blog. lolz

Don't worry about spending. You got the $$ for it because you aren't a serial spender.
Sometimes the money just flows out...ask me how I know that too! hehehe

Frances said...

OMG! I KNOW I responded to you guys yesterday. I guess I forgot to publish or something.

I will be slowing down on the spending. I know it is time when it starts bugging me. :-)

McVal said...

Congrats again on your new home! First floor living would be cool...

We bleed money and not in a good way...

Tania said...

Moving itself would justify extra spending! I think that once you know to control and moderate spending, it's not a matter of spending vs not spending, but a matter of being smart. Stuff will always happen. Being smart about them makes all the difference.