Monday, June 23, 2014

Why is that roach clip on your coffee table?

This was me this weekend....


Really, Hubby would have let me spend the weekend this way, but he has been in high gear packing for our move this Thursday and I could not bring myself to just sit and watch him do all the work. So sad, I know.

So, we spent the weekend disassembling and dusting and cleaning and vacuuming and packing. I am so TIRED!!! So, I relaxed this morning by going to have my well woman exam. WooHoo!

On Saturday, we loaded up all our food from the large freezer and I carried it to my girlfriend's house to vacation in her freezer until we are moved in to our new place. I am so lucky to have a friend that has a practically empty big freezer in her garage!

After we loaded all the stuff in the freezer, I went in to visit as ordered by Hubby. (I am so lucky!) While sitting and talking, suddenly I noticed something on her coffee table...

"Why is that roach clip on your coffee table?" I asked.

She started laughing and said it was not a roach clip, but a bracelet buddy. I didn't know such a thing existed so told her I still thought it was a roach clip.

I looked when I got home and there IS such a thing. They look like this:

Who knew? Well, obviously my girlfriend did. LOL!

And just in case you wonder how I even know what a roach clip is, I heard about them once....a long time ago. Yep, that is my story and I am sticking to it.


slugmama said...

I would have that it was a roach clip .....and I only heard about them too.
Yeah, who are we fooling? lolz

An empty freezer?
Never heard the likes of that before.....never happens in my world. ;-)

McVal said...

I had to google it...

I'm so sheltered...

She covered well I think!

Sonya Ann said...

My food has never gone on a vacation. LOL
No idea either what a roach clip was. I'm sticking to your story.

Frances said...

I feel especially wicked knowing that I have friends that don't even know what a roach clip is.

I have NOT lead a sheltered life.