Friday, May 2, 2014

Where have I been?

I have been at the casino!

Jealous, SonyaAnn??

Hubby and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on April 26 and on April 27 we headed to the Coushatta Casino in Louisiana for some celebrating.

When I told Hubby we could go, he had scheduled to have our bathtub refinished, so it was a  productive as well as fun week.

We got to the casino on Sunday afternoon and checked in to our FREE chalet. I have written about the chalets...they are little mini modular homes that are set up really nice with a living area, kitchen and separate bedroom. I like it better than the hotel rooms since if one person wants to sit up all night, they don't disturb the other.

We stayed 3 nights and had a great time. We didn't gamble as much as usual, though we took enough money. We are both a little crippled, so just didn't go over to the casino as many times. But we gambled enough. I left up $30 for the trip and Hubby was the loser this time, but he didn't lose a lot, so the trip was pretty cheap as we had a free room for 3 nights, a couple of free meals and ate food that we took with us.

So a lovely and pretty frugal anniversary trip.

And a brand new bathtub when we got home.

It has been a good week!


Sonya Ann said...

Yes, I am completely jealous!
Most people don't realize that it can be a super cheap vacation if you gamble. You just have to use a players card and watch your money.
Congrats on 17 years!!!!!! I am so happy for you both.
And awesome on leaving the casino up! We haven't been to the WI casino in months. They are';t even trying to stop the pick pockets in the casino and it is pretty dangerous in the parking garage. The thugs have taken over. We have gone in town to the places that have a few machines-it just isnt the same. Except for the part where they take all your money. I turned $11 into $.40 in about 10 minutes. LOL

Frances said...

I know what you mean about casinos that are not that great. We have been to a couple in Louisiana that we might as well have opened the door and tossed our money in. No play time at all and the cash was gone.