Monday, January 27, 2014

How the heck did we cut our expenses?

I know so many bloggers that track their spending.....all their spending. I track SOME of our spending but not to the level that a lot do. I really only track spending for 3 main categories as I feel they are the ones that we can change if needed. They are Groceries, which includes all HBA/cleaning/pet supplies; gas for the cars; and cigarettes for Hubby. Yes, he still smokes, but he has cut back.

I was not really that excited to compare 2013 totals to 2012 totals, assuming that since a lot of prices have gone up that our spending did, too. I was WRONG! I love saying that in this instance!

Our expenditures went down! In 2012 the total for those 3 categories was $9,141.56. Total in 2013 - $7,872.48. $1,269.07 LESS! An almost 14% decrease. I am pretty impressed with us! Even if I missed a entry or two..which I am pretty sure I didn't, our spending still went down about $100/month.

We also paid off a car loan 5 months early and just let that $300 payment go into the credit union account, giving us a nice little fund. I intend to leave that money and let the auto deposits continue to be added to that account so that when it is time to buy a new car for Hubby....some day.....we will have a hefty cash amount toward the purchase. It should be hefty as he plans to drive his car until it won't go anymore and it IS a Honda. LOL!

Our medical expenses went up a LOT, but I am not even going to compare them. So, despite the fact that we may get hit by another Winter storm tomorrow, today is a GOOD day!


McVal said...

good deal on cutting on your expenditures! I wish we could... but they just keep growing.

Hunie said...

I love this post! I am really not happy with some recent spending and it is only the first month of the year!
Thanks for inspiring me!

Sonya Ann said...

I think part of it may be Aldi. I still love that store and the people that work there are so nice. Not like Jewel or Walmart, I try not to make eye contact.
And smart thinking about building up extra $ for a car. But everyone knows you are a smart cookie. Yum, cookies.

Linda said...

You spent about $3 less each day. Looking at it like that, it is easier to see how you can spend that much less each day. Good job.