Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Frenzy!

How was your Christmas?

Ours has been excellent. The family, well our kids, Hubby and MIL decided to have our get together on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, that was decided in time for me to request the day off. LOL! For some odd reason, my company closed for the holiday on Christmas Day and the day AFTER Christmas. Maybe it was some form of political correctness, so as not to offend those that don't observe Christmas. Who knows. But I have planty of vacation days left, so am having a nice 3 day break in the middle of the week.

MIL had sent word via Hubby that I was to bring green bean casserole. I also made deviled eggs and Hubby had gotten a variety cheesecake, rolls and chips. So, we got to MIL's at 12:30 and I took my casserole into the kitchen and lo and behold, MIL had ALSO made a green bean casserole. I was confused and reminded her that she had sent word to me to make one. She then told me that she HAD sent word, but then she changed her mind and decided to make one. She said she was sure she told Hubby or left him a message. Hmmmm...I don't think he would forget to tell me THAT. Oh, well, we have plenty of green bean casserole in the freezer now. LOL!

Our kids and grandkids came, as well as Samantha's boyfriend and Meredith's baby daddy. He is actually also her hubby. They have been separated for a couple of years, but still hang out as a family with the kids. And I have heard that they MIGHT get back together. We shall see. I haven't asked and figure I will be told when there is something to tell.

As for the frenzy? It happened when it was time to open gifts. Our grandsons just started ripping into gifts. I tried to slow them down, but I am not the parent and their parents WERE there. In Chance's defence, he did get Jacob to slow down and actually read the tags to know who gifts were from. But Meredith and Billy just sat and watched as Theo and Wyatt just tore through gift wrapping, tossed the gift aside and went to the next. They even opened some stuff that was not theirs. Ugh!

MY kids did that before I became their stepmom. The first Christmas I spent with them, before Hubby and I married, I was appalled at how they attacked gifts at the family get together. They did NOT behave like that the next year and my in-laws were stunned at the change in their behavior. LOL!

But I am not the mom to the grandkids, so..... But they DID scream out loud and often how much they loved gifts as they opened them.

We had a great visit with the kids, though there was a little tension after Chance and Jacob left as Mere and Samantha are really put out that Chance is not telling them and their mom everything he is doing. As Sam's bf said, "Well, it is HIS business after all." Smart bf. And as my mom said when I talked to her last night, "He has fought in wars...he doesn't have to report his every move to his sisters."

But we did not let that ruin our Christmas. Hubby and I spent yesterday quietly at home, opening gifts and just relaxing. It was like this:

It was a great Christmas! Hope yours was as well!


slugmama said...

Sounds like a lovely few days Frances. Enjoy your today off! Hope it's quiet and snuggly with Bob. ;-)

Frances said...

It has been a good one, Sluggy!

Sonya Ann said...

Christmas and tension, it just wouldn't be the holidays if there wasn't a problem.
My MIL has Christmas eve at hers. Which is fine but some of the people are terrible! My FIL's brother's daughter was hateful this year. It was awful. And she is almost 30!We didn't go to her wedding because she invited my family. We haven't seen them in years and want to keep it that way. And I politely told her that but she said that they owed her presents so she invited them. So she was mean to us for not going to her wedding. She even threatened me as I walked away on Christmas. You have no idea how much it took for me to keep my mouth shut. I told Den I don't want to go back. I don't know what to do about this one. Would break my MIL's heart if we didn't go but still that was crap.

Frances said...

They owed her presents?!!! Unbelievable!

Sorry you had to deal with that, SonyaAnn. I know about dealing with hateful in-laws (even though I only did it for a really short period). We have managed to stop dealing with that drama. I with you could too.

Sonya Ann said...

Den was even mad about the entire thing and said that she must be crazy because she was in his parent's house and being awful! What balls!