Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Throwing out the baby....

Well, the baby stuff. We wouldn't really throw away, or give away a baby. LOL!

We don't really have a clutter issue. We have a lot of stuff, but it is all in its place so we don't worry about it. But, we still had quite a bit of baby stuff from stocking up when we became grandparents.

Well, the youngest grandson is 4 now and Meredith has informed us that she is not having any more. MIL thinks she should try for a girl, but Mere is pretty adament that 2 boys are enough for her. Samantha doesn't plan to have children. At least that is what she says. And what she has said since she was about 9. LOL! But she is only 26, so she might change her mind. But if she doesn't well that is okay, too. We don't know if Chance will have more. He is not dating anyone at the moment, so no prospects, but you never know.

BUT, MIL's church has a few garage sales throughout the year to raise money for missions and we try to dig out stuff to donate for them, so we decided we could let go of baby stuff and some other odds and ends we had in the closet. If one of the kids has another or more, we can just get new "grandparent" stuff. So we put together quite a nice donation. Here is some of it. (I did not lay it all out nice and pretty like Sluggy does.)
Our donation included:

Graco Pack n Play
Graco Convertible Carseat
Fisher-Price booster seat
3 Playtex bottles
miscellaneous bottle nipples
Baby spoons
Baby toys
3 baby quilts
3 baby blanket
Waterproof pad
Pack n play quilted cover
Disposable Diapers
2 Baby wipes
1 Baby powder
1 Baby oil
1 Diaper rash ointment
3 baby towels
3 baby wash clothes
2 sippy cups
Queen size dust ruffle from our new comforter set…we can’t use a dust ruffle
Pillow sham from our old comforter set
Mozaik reusable disposable dinnerware
Mozaik serving bowl with lid
Mozaik large serving tray
Zak designs serving bowl
Large aquarium net
canner rack
Men’s XXL tshirt

A lot of the above won't make it into the garage sale, as MIL said that a lot of the baby stuff will just go to the nursery. That is a good place for it to go. The purpose is to help MIL's church and I think we did just a bit. She was very excited to see all that we brought for them and said it would all go to good use.

 Now watch us get the call that someone is pregnant. LOL!


McVal said...

Good for you for being ruthless!!! Do you mind shipping some of that to Iowa?...

Frances said...

Val, it is all gone...sorry. Too bad you live so far away. I could have set you up.

slugmama said...

Good job Frances!
Decluttering what you no longer need(crossing fingers it stays that way!lol)and benefiting a good cause.

Sonya Ann said...

I love dejunking no matter what the cause.
My mother always said you had to keep the crib until you couldn't have kids. When I was 14 she decided that it was time to get rid of it. She was pregnant within months.