Friday, July 26, 2013

Can’t you let go of that phone?

Sorry I have been missing in action. I wonder if anyone missed me. LOL! I have been trying to keep up with blogs, but have not been so successful.

On June 25, Hubby had another surgery on his foot. It was not a major one, but he had to stay totally off of it for a week. He was almost successful. In order to try to get him to stay off of it, I did a lot more around the house than I normally have to. I did laundry, cooking, dishes, ran to the library, grocery shopped, checked the mail, vacuumed, and waited on Hubby hand and foot.

Oh, and I still went to work every day. So all that was done after I got home at 6 and on the weekend. I found out that I am SO spoiled.

Of course, I didn’t mind a bit.

Work has been crazy, busy, so when I get home I just want to chill. Yesterday, we had a big layoff and my team lost one person. I asked my boss if I could volunteer for the next round and he said his training had not addressed that question. LOL! Lest you worry about my job, NO ONE wants to do it, so, I am probably safe for a while.

And my subject line? I am curious as to why people seem to have a death grip on their phones no matter where they are. This morning on the bus I noticed people not on their phones, not playing a game or listening to music, just clutching those phones.

And why do people carry them in the bathroom??? I don't want someone to listen to me pee.

They cannot all be on-call brain surgeons.

I guess I am not addicted to my phone.

Have a great weekend!


slugmama said...

You poor thing, having to do all that extra work. I hope Sweet Knees enjoyed being waited

I have a dumb phone and I don't even turn it on unless I am expecting a call or making a call. I don't get this whole phone culture thing either.

McVal said...

lol! I am on call 24/7, so I take my phone everywhere. even the bathroom... I've been known to be on a conference call and in the bathroom! The mute button is SO handy!!!

Frances said...

Sluggy, he is enjoying it!

McVal, I totally understand someone who is on call carrying their phone everyone. I just know that everyone I see is not on call. Plus carrying it with you everywhere is not the same as clutching it in your hand continuously.

I hear people in the bathroom talking on their phone while in the stall. Their phones aren't on mute. LOL!

Sonya Ann said...

You and hubby are an adorable team! I'm sure that sweetknees is happy to have you.
My neighbor volunteered for a lay-off and they wouldn't have it. SO when she pushed for the layoff they got a little nervous that she was going to leave and gave her a raise. Something to think about.