Saturday, December 22, 2012

BooHoo! Hubby is not home yet.

You heard it right. We really hoped that Hubby would get to come home yesterday but no luck for us. His primary care physician decided that he had a mild infection in his foot so called in an infectious diseases doctor. This doctor has been one of Hubby's doctors for years but we haven't had to see him in about 2 years.

He is really good and Hubby likes him a lot but it's delaying Hubby's discharge.

So tomorrow I'll be going for our Christmas get together at MIL's house with the kids and grandkids. I have a feeling that with Hubby absent our party won't last nearly as long as usual. Then afterward I will go sit with Hubby at the hospital again.

I can't wait till he comes home I really miss him here and I am really tired.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


slugmama said...

I'm sorry Hubs is still in the hospital recovering and will miss the family get-together. Hopefully the kids will do something special for him after he gets home.

Merry Christmas Frances. 8-)

Frances said...

Thanks, Sluggy. I don't expect the kids to do anything since none of them has even bothered to call Hubby since I let them know he was in the hospital . Even though I sent them his cell phone number just to make sure they had it. I am really disappointed in my kids right now.

But Hubby and I will have a nice Christmas when he gets out of the hospital.