Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Two seniors?.....

Yes, PLEASE! Yeah, I responded almost joyously when asked if I wanted two seniors at the casino buffet yesterday. I told the lady that I can finally say yes to that question and as my dad says, "Give me my discount." LOL!

Okay, so I am not a senior most places, but on 55+ Tuesdays at the Coushatta Casino in Kinder, LA, I now qualify. That l means the lunch buffet, regular price $12 only costs $5.50 on Tuesdays. You BET I will claim Senior status to save $6.50.

As we were being shown to our table, I told the hostess it was the first time since high school that I had been called a senior. She said, "I bet high school was a lot more fun." I responded, "No, ma'am. I am having a lot more fun NOW." LOL!

We actually have gotten to have the $5.50 buffet since last year when Hubby turned 55. I guess if one of a couple is 55, they give it to both. Because the last couple of times we came, I would say, "One 55 and one regular." and they charged 5.50 for both. I do not mind aging a bit! Not when it saves me money!

I left the casino Monday night up by a big ol' $90. WooHoo! Yesterday, I gave that back. Now I am up for the trip by $1. I am no sure how Hubby is doing. I am not sure how Hubby is doing, I think he said he is up and he has a pile of money, but it may be a bunch of ones. But our room is free for 3 nights and so far our food has been free. Oh, yeah and we can get free gas for the trip back.

We are having a great vacation!


Annie at Haphazard Homestead said...

I assume it's because of my graying hair that I've been asked a couple of times if I get the senior discount (in a thrift store both times). I've always just said, "No, but I'm working on it." because although I'm sure this would never happen, I am afraid they will "card" me to prove I'm old enough for the discount...LOL! I think next time, I'm just going to say yes. :)

In a year (age 50) I can join AARP, and that will entitle me to some discounts just for being a member.

slugmama said...

Great job living it up and saving it up!lol

Frances said...

We DID live it up and spent very little money. Great vacation! It is good to be a senior. LOL!

Sonya Ann said...

BEST TRIP EVER! I love that you are having a ton of fun and "working the system."

Frances said...

You know it, SonyaAnn! The casino has the right idea. It is PACKED on Tuesdays. We feel like youngsters. LOL!