Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh, lovely Sunday!

I just love weekends! I spent a nice lazy Saturday doing not a lot of anything. For all you ambitious people that are busy, busy, busy on the weekends, please do not be ashamed of me and my laziness. It was SO relaxing.

Today I got up and made breakfast! Yeah, me! LOL! MIL had sent us a loaf of homemade bread a while back that we stuck in the freezer. Hubby took it out this week and had a gleam in his eye, since he knows her homemade bread inspires me to make french toast. So, this morning, I made him french toast for breakfast. Isn't it lovely?
I mean, wasn't it lovely? It is all gone now and it was delicious! I also cooked bacon to go with it, something we don't eat often. It was so good. And it wasn't totally decadent, since we use sugar free syrup on it. It was SO good! And Hubby was a happy boy.

This afternoon, I ran to CVS to use up some ECBs that will expire tomorrow. I spent $16 and got back $15 in ECBs. I would have spent less, but grabbed a bag of Jolly Ranchers to put in a care package we will send to Chance this week.

Then off to Kroger I went. I had a really small list and tops on the list was red cherries, on sale for $1.99/lb. The best price I have seen in a while. I got 10 lbs and will pit and freeze them for my Fall jam making. My mom LOVES cherry jam and I have not made it in a couple of years. I also grabs a few more snacks for the care package.

I was so glad to get home since it is incredible hot and humid today. Not as hot as it has been, but high 90s and high humidity make me miserable. Yes, I am a heat weiny that lives in Texas. Ha!

Hope eveyone had a lovely weekend!


McVal said...

You do realize I live vicariously through you...
I'm so jealous!

SonyaAnn said...

I was going to say that McVal may need to take a lesson from you.LOL
It looked like a wonderful breakfast!

Frances said...

I am so glad someone lives vicariously through me! I am honored.

SonyaAnn, it was delish.