Monday, August 17, 2009

What a great weekend!

I had the best weekend! It was productive and relaxing. Friday I got off work at 3 and went into weekend mode as soon as I got home, just relaxing. Hubby cooked dinner and then we watched a movie. We are such the married couple! Friday night and we are at home in our comfy clothes watching a movie. LOL! Note: the above is not really us. LOL! There was not a photographer there. Oh yeah, and we were were not that dressed.

We watched Brokeback Mountain, which we had seen in the theater when it was there. That movie is so sad! (Please note, I am not into watching gay men have sex. But the love story was really sad.) Hubby was a little flabbergasted when I told him that I thought Jake Gyllenhaal was better looking than Heath Ledger. I don't know why he acted so shocked. LOL!
Saturday I went and got a haircut. I absolutely adore my hair, and love it long, but it was so long...middle of my back....that it was too heavy to hold a curl so looked a little boring. I told my hairdresser that I was thinking at least 4 inches off and he agreed, cut in some layers and it hold the curl so well it looks like I have a new perm!! Yeah!

After the hairdresser, I headed to Kroger for Super Doubles. Texas and Louisiana Krogers were doubling up to, and including, $1! The ad said only one like coupon per transaction, so though I later heard that others were able to double multiples, I just worked with one each. I had spent a couple of hours Friday night putting my coupons together and had 2 lists.

I went to the first store, getting there at 9:15 and they were pretty well stocked, so I got most of what I went for. Most of the lanes were open and I was only in line for 10 minutes or so before checking out. No different than a regular trip for me. I later read on HotCouponWorld that some people waited in line for hours. BUT there were also a lot of people that were at their stores at 10 pm Friday ready to check out right after midnight. I was NOT tempted to do that. LOL!

I brought everything home from the first store and Hubby helped me to unload and he put everything away while I "rested". LOL! It was not that shopping was that tiring, but it was so HOT outside that going to and from the car and to and from our apartment were just draining.

Then I headed to another store to use a second batch of coupons and also did my regular shopping trip. That store was more crowded and I waited in line about 20 minutes before checking out. It was out of more things that the first store, but I still got most of what I went for. And a couple of splurges. Hubby called me while I was there and said he was in the mood for some fish, so I went to the seafood counter and got a pound of lovely Orange Roughy. I paid almost $6 for that fish, but it was delicious!!!

I got about $218 in groceries for around $86....a savings of about 60% I was really pleased, as I got more than just the items that were free after coupon and I usually spend around $50 on a regular trip. It was a great day! I thought about going again last night, but we are out of freezer and pantry space as we were already totally stocked. I did not take pictures of my hauls. Hubby got everything put away too quickly and I am not complaining. I hope Kroger doesn't wait another 10 years to do this!

Sunday, we went to see District 9. It was okay, but I think the hype had me expecting something more. We went home and spent another day relaxing. Well, I relaxed while sewing some patches on to a shirt for Hubby. He got an Astros jersey and wanted some additional patches sewn on it. I spent 3 hours hand stitching those babies on. I didn't want to use my machine and chance messing it up and I can do pretty meticulous hand stitching. Hubby was happy with the result.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Getting a haircut and the great deals that you got on grocery shopping is enough to rate on the happy scale for me!
I'm glad that you had a great weekend. I'll be happy when the kids are back in school. Ugh, I need some me time. I'm off to color Anna's hair!

Frances said...

Hi, SonyaAnn! I will be glad for you when the kids are back in school. I remember those days....and do not miss them. LOL!

Hope they go back soon, so you can get some rest!

Pam said...

I am so jealous of the Kroger super doubles. Nothing like that ever happens in our area.

Frances said...

Don't be too jealous, Pam. I think the last time we had super doubles was at least 10 years ago. We may have to wait another 10 years for the next one.

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Productive, but also a bit of relaxation, too. I haven't seen District 9, but I did bawl my eyes out at Brokeback Mountain.

Annie Jones said...

Hard choice. I usually go for the dark-haired, dark-eyed men, but Heath Ledger was awfully attractive, too.

(BTW, my hubby is a redhead...LOL!)

Frances said...

Jules, I didn't cry during Brokeback Mountain, but I came close a couple of times.

No crying at all at District 9. LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!

Frances said...

Him Annie Jones! I don't have a "usually go for". LOL! I find MOST men attractive in some way. Is that bad??

Hubby is tall and blonde, but he knows I find all men attractive. Just some more than others. I guess a dark haired cowboy was just more appealing THAT day. LOL!

Thanks for coming to see me!

Anonymous said...

Just came over here to see if you were up to anything.

A.Marie said...

Hi there! Great job on the Super Doubles...a 60% savings in awesome!! :)

The fish sounds very yummy; I love Orange Roughy; how did you fix it??
Inquiring Minds want to know! :)

Frances said...

Hi, SonyaAnn! I would say I've been up to no good, but I have been too busy. LOL! I will be up to no good next week when I am on vacation.

A.Marie, I cooked the roughy in a frying pan with a little olive oil and some lemon pepper. I just cooked it on low until it was opaque and flaky. (I kinda tore up one of the filets testing it.) It was fast, easy and delish.

Helene said...

I'm going to the Frances Cooking School--better yet just to Frances' house!

I love BBM. And Jake :-)

Frances said...

You know, A.Marie, I COULD teach cooking school. That would be so fun!

frugal southern mom said...

This sounds like a wonderful friday night! My hubby likes Chinese then sit and watch tv. I need to get him to watch more chick flicks!
always love a good deal at the grocery! Wished I had a Kroger!

Frances said...

Hi, frugal southern mom! I have to say I am really lucky that Hubby will watch chick flicks. Actually, we both will watch almost anything. LOL!

Thanks for coming to see me!