Monday, February 9, 2009

Good day at Kroger

I had a really good shopping day at Kroger, yesterday. I had gone through the ad, matched up coupons, then gotten DH's must have list and off I went. I am not going to list all the prices and all the individual coupons I used, since there is probably no one that will read this anyway. LOL! I came home with the following:

2 Freschetta pizzas ($4.99 ea)
8 Totinos pizza rolls ($1.25 ea)
1 9 pack beef and bean burritos ($3.59)
2 1-lb packs of stew meat (mgr special) ($2.25 ea)
4 2 liters Big K sodas ($.69 ea)
4 boxes Ritz crackers ($2.68 ea)
3 Pepperidge Farm Garlic bread ($1.80)
1 head of lettuce ($.99)
12 green bell peppers (3/$1)
2 baking potatoes ($.99/lb)
1 yellow onion (I forgot)
3 4 packs Cottonelle tp ($1.19 ea)
2 3.3 lb bags of cats food ($4.59 ea)
1 14 lb jug of cat litter ($5.99)

I think that's all. I had a handful of coupons, including a $7 off $70, that I had not thought I would get to use. Also got the $3 off for the Daytona deal. I spent $44.06 and saved $64.10! A whopping 59% savings!

Now, I know that I didn't do what a lot of bargain shoppers/super couponers do, but I bought pretty much everything on sale and use coupons on most of it. Some things, though DH wants and I am going to see that he gets them. LOL! Like the burritos...didn't need those but DH likes them. I could have also done without the pizza rolls, but there again, DH likes them.

We could also make pizza at home, except that DH cooks dinner every week night and sometimes he wants pizza, but he doesn't make pizza, so he used to just order in. We can afford it, but we happened to try a Freschetta and decided it was pretty darn good. So I keep some of those, bought on-sale with a coupon, in the freezer. Now, when DH doesn't want to cook or just wants pizza, he puts it in the oven when I am on my way home from work. When I get home, pizza night! For $5 instead of $25!

I chopped up the bell peppers last night while watching tv, so now have several bags of chopped bell pepper in the freezer. DH uses them a lot in his cooking. I was happy with that deal! I rarely see them 3/$1 and may stop by and get some more.

Some good deals for me. Less out of pocket than I budget for our weekly groceries. And a very happy DH. It was a good day.

OH, YEAH! And the lady in front of me at the checkout had a cart full of groceries, just like I did, a handful of coupons just like I did and she spent $212!!!! OMG!!!

Okay, I am better now.


Bobbi Jo said...

I just love a frugal lady! What great deals.
Do you ever grill your peppers? They are so yummy! Cut them up in strips, put a light coating of olive oil with garlic powder, salt, onion powder and grill till a little blackend on the the edges. Oh my goodness so yummy!
Loving you blog. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Casey said...

Don't you just love ,when you get your total, and see how much clipping the coupons saved.

Frances said...

I absolutely DO love it!