Saturday, February 22, 2014

Can I BE a bigger klutz?

I normally do not consider myself a klutz. Most of the time, I am pretty graceful. But I was klutzy last night and today I am paying for it.

I have told you all about my arthritic knees and getting shots that helped with the pain. Usually, the shots work for about 6 months. This time, the one in my left knee wore off in about a month. So, I hobbled around for about a month, then finally went back to the orthopedic to see if I could get a different anti-inflammatory. I have been taking Celebrex and it does not get rid of the pain. I figured there must be something that can help. Hubby regularly offers me some of his pain meds, and he has good ones, but I won't take them as my company instituted random drug testing. I don't want to get busted. LOL!

So the orthopedic did give me some pain meds that are helping, but she said that my arthritis is not advanced enough to be causing this much pain, so she wants me to have a MRI to see if there is some other issue. So I am waiting to hear from the imaging center to set up an appointment.

I am just happy that she gave me something that is working better than the mass quantities of ibuprophen I was taking every day.

The klutz issue???? Last night after I got off the bus after work and headed to my car, I bumped my foot on one of those concrete things in the parking lot, lost my balance and went flying into my car. I ended up on the ground on the knee that has been hurting. I landed HARD. A gentleman did get out of his car and ask if I was okay. I told him I was as I was a little embarrassed.

Then I pulled myself up and got in my car. My knee didn't hurt too much. Sure it didn' was numb. I got home and kept an ice pack on it all evening. And have had one on it all morning. Ugh!!! It hurts.

AND, I volunteered to take our son grocery shopping this evening as he is really poor right now. I will be drugging up and carrying on, since that is what a good parent does, right?

I am not a klutz....I am not a klutz....I am not a klutz.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Purex Crystals Mountain Breeze Review and Giveaway Winners!

And the winners are........

Toystory and Judy

Congratulations!!! I will be emailing you for mailing addresses to send out your coupons.

Thanks to all who entered!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Purex Crystals Mountain Breeze Review and Giveaway!

Since I am a Purex Insider, I recently received a bottle of Purex Crystals Mountain Breeze to try. Right out of the package this stuff smells amazing!!

Well, my regular readers know that I do rarely do laundry as I have a hubby that spoils me rotten and does almost all the laundry. I CAN do it and do on occasion if he is indisposed, but it is not a regular occurrence.

Since we received some Purex Crystals Mountain Breeze to try, I thought I would be nice (TeeHee) and do some laundry, so stripped the bed this weekend to wash linens. I loaded them in the washer along with our regular Purex detergent (No plug here...that is just what we use.) and poured in some Purex Crystals Mountain Breeze. This scent is wonderful!

I went in to the living room to do something. Yes, I have forgotten what I was doing, but it is not important. What is important is that when the washer started agitating, I suddenly started smelling the Mountain Breeze scent in my living room. In my living room!! I thought, "It did not seem that strong when I poured it in the washer." But it made my living room, kitchen and laundry cubby smell great! When I finished the laundry, the scent was still in the linens, though not in an overpowering way. It is a nice scent that seems to last a while and I just love it!

Purex was nice enough to send me some coupons for a free bottle of Purex Crystals Mountain Breeze! And I am going to give 2 coupons away. How nice am I?!

Entering is easy! You can do one or all of the following:

• Check out and leave a comment telling us something interesting you learned about Purex. Come on, you are bound to find something new! (once)

 I know how some of my readers like daily entries, just because they like to come to my blog every day, so you can also enter daily by leaving a comment about any old thing you want to. (daily)

• Share this post on your Facebook page and get another entry. Just leave me a comment that you did. (once)

• Tweet about it and get an entry. Just leave me a comment with a link to your tweet. You can do this one every day if you want. (daily)

Winners of the 2 coupons will be chosen by random drawing on Friday, Febuary 14. Happy Valentine's Day! And the winners will be posted on my blog and notified by email.

Good luck!

*Purex provided me with a bottle of New Purex Crystals Mountain Breeze so I could review it. However all of the opinions expressed here are, as always, my own.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I found the Velveeta!

I don't know if you all were concerned about the reports of a possible Velveeta shortage that were floating around the internet a couple of weeks ago. We weren't really worried. Hubby buys Velveeta on occasion when he is in the mood for chili con queso (cheese dip)...he makes really GOOD chili con queso. (Now I want some!) But he does not buy it all the time. And said if there were a shortage, we would just wait it out and live without queso for a while.

Last Saturday, we went to Kroger to pick up some groceries. We also went to two other stores...but not my beloved pick up some deals. Look what I found at Kroger:

And this was a two sided display! And the other side was full! And this was the Saturday before the Super Bowl! I don't think there is a shortage of Velveeta where I live. LOL!

During our shopping trip, Hubby said he needed bread crumbs. (Yes, I know we can make our own, but we don't.) We headed down the aisle and I picked up a package of bread crumbs and started to put it in the cart. Hubby says, "No. I need panko." WHAT?! I didn't even know he knew what panko breadcrumbs were. LOL! When did my Hubby develop the need for specific breadcrumbs?

Oh, and he has discovered Nutella. I tried to stay away from it, but now we have it in my house. That stuff is hard to ignore, but I am trying.